Saving Water:California Water Crisis

On April 1st 2015, Governor Jerry Brown imposed water restrictions for the state of California. Governor Brown said he want to reduce California’s water consummation  by 25%. The California government is doing all it can to reduce the wasting of water.

California has been hit hard by the drought in the recent years. This year is the worst yet as the water content of the Sierra snowpack is 5% of average. This is the lowest since the 1950’s. 2014 was also California’s third driest year in the past 119 years.

A large portion of the water being used comes from agriculture. The urban sector uses far less water. However, everyone must lower their water consumption by 25% or face harsh penalties.

Some business are trying to do what they can to save water. One such business is Hotel Fullerton. Hotel Fullerton has replaced their grass with artificial turf. Artificial grass is a great way to save on water as a 4 square foot patch of grass uses 240 gallons of water a year.

Some business are trying hard to hold on to their water use. Nestle says that they will keep bottling water and that if they could they would bottle even more. Instead they say that they are creating tech to turn their milk factory into a “zero water” factory.

Some students also have suggestions on how to save that much need water. Some students have said that people should take shorter showers. Others say to stop watering the lawns.

There are many ways to reduce water consumption by 25%. The California government has even put out a brochure on how to save water. They list many ways to save, from cooking, to the bathroom, to landscaping.  It even lists the amount of gallons people can save from following the brochure so it can be even easier to save water.


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